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Because vertebrate animals are particularly interesting to both students and the general public, teaching is an essential component of a vertebrate biologist's skill-set. I tailor my classes to my students to ensure that they get the most out of the class adopting a student-centered learning environment. I firmly believe in evaluating introductory students regularly to make sure that they do not fall behind. However, in upper level courses I use inquiry-based learning making the students responsible for their success and learning through semester-long research projects or giving frequent talks.


As a professor in a veterinary school teaching anatomy, I make use of multiple resources to engage with students that may have different learning styles, including virtual anatomical atlases and cadaveric dissection, in addition to traditional lectures. 


Courses Taught

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

  • VTMED 5100: The Animal Body, Foundation Course I (2022–Present) 

  • BIOEE 3780: Digital Morphology through CT (2022–Present)

  • VTMED 6103: Comparative Anatomy: Pattern and Function (2023–Present)


Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine

  • Allied Health Gross Anatomy (2020–2022) *Course Director

  • Medical Gross Anatomy (2019-2021)

  • Introduction to Biostatistics (2020)

  • Research and Science Communication in Biology, Grad-level Seminar (2020-2022)

  • Dental Gross Anatomy (2020-2021)

  • Nursing Gross Anatomy (2019)

Adjunct Professor, Elms College, Department of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology

  • BIO 124: General Biology II (2017)

University of Massachusetts- Amherst, Department of Biology

  • BIOL793G: Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics (2016)

University of Pennsylvania

  • GEOL615: Evolutionary History of the Mammalia (2015)

  • GEOL615: Special Topics in Paleontology: Morphometrics (2014)

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